Dementia care and proper communication benefits the person with dementia, and their family. Communication and education about dementia is rewarding, as it provides a way to share experiences, thoughts, and feelings. Effective communication can reduce anxiety and confusion in your loved one; improve your relationship with each other; keep you aware of any discomfort, pain, or dental and vision problems they may have; help you be a better caregiver; build trust; improve cooperation; help you feel more successful as a caregiver; and allow your relationship to grow. Here are some additional advantages of hiring dementia home care services for seniors in Toronto.

Care in a Familiar Environment

Providing care for a loved one with dementia becomes more challenging as the disease progresses. With dementia in-home care services in Vaughan or Toronto, you can work more closely with the support worker to create and carry out a plan for the best care possible through each stage. Home care services are also helpful for the patient, as they will be cared for in an environment that is familiar to them, hopefully bringing back some memories and a sense of comfort. For as long as possible, this may be the preferred style of care as family and friends can make daily visits to help with personal care and other tasks.

Keeping Dementia Patients Comfortable and Safe

There are many different ways you can keep your home a safe environment if you have a relative living with dementia. The first thing you should do is walk through your environment to make sure that any risk areas are safeguarded. This may mean putting special locks on the doors, or using child locks to block off dangerous areas. Pay attention to areas like garages, work spaces, and basements, where there are likely to be harmful tools, chemicals, and cleaning supplies. You should also make sure any safety hazards in the kitchen are stowed and locked away. If there are any safety devices that you use such as fire extinguishers, smoke detectors, and carbon monoxide detectors, they should all be in perfect working condition. Walkways should be well lit especially at night, medication should be locked away, tripping hazards should be removed from the floors, and food in the fridge should be inspected weekly. You can also add slip-resistant mats in the bathrooms, kitchen, and laundry room to prevent any falls.

Get Special Home Care for Dementia Patients in Toronto

It is vital that you are confident about the safety, security, and care of your loved one, and Ronnie’s Home Care Services in Toronto and Vaughan aims to provide that to you. We start our process by interviewing our candidates over the phone; we follow up and invite them to an in-person interview. Right after, we personally contact their references. All of our staff members are required to have a CPR and first-aid certificate, clean record, police vulnerable sector check, and PSW certificate (if necessary). If you want more information about our dementia care for seniors in Vaughan and Toronto, contact us today.